Humana.Mente 26/2014 “Towards a Moderate Stance on Human Enhancement”

Special Issue HUMANA.MENTE Issue 26 / May 2014 with several articles from Volker Gerhardt, David Cohen, Julian Nida-Rümelin etc. Edited by Fiorella Battaglia and Antonio Carnevale

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Nikil Mukerji, Julian Nida-Rümelin: Towards a Moderate Stance on Human Enhancement (PDF)

We are going to give neither an intentional definition of the concept of human enhancement nor are we going to attempt to build a collection that contains all the possible interventions (extensional). Our analysis draws on an overall meaning of human enhancement as scientific and technological progress that expands the possibilities of human action and reduces its dependence on natural or cultural predetermined constraints, allowing the human condition to be changed via science and technology. Human enhancement thus refers to extended cognitive skills, extended sensory capacities, a significant increase in life expectancy, mood modulation as well as new capabilities that might be provided to healthy individuals.

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