Structural Rationality and Collective Intentions

Essay in Chant R., Hindriks F., Preyer G. (2014), From Individual to Collective Intentionality, Oxford University Press, pp. 207-223.

Acting together requires collective intentions. The essays in this volume seek to critically assess or to enrich theories of collective intentionality by exploring topics such as collective belief, mutual coordination, and the explanation of group behavior. The volume breaks new ground by challenging the idea that there is a straightforward dichotomy between individual and collective level rationality.

Contributors: Sara Rachel Chant, Melinda Bonnie Fagan, Frank Hindriks, Kirk Ludwig, Kaarlo Miller, Julian Nida-Rümelin, Gerhard Preyer, Abe Roth, Robert D. Rupert, Frederick F. Schmitt, Deborah Tollefsen, Raimo Tuomela, Paul Werich.

Introduction: Beyond the Big Four and the Big Five |Sara Rachel Chant, Frank Hindriks, and Gerhard Preyer
Part I: Collective Attitudes and Actions
1. A Dynamic Theory of Shared Intention | Deborah Tollefsen
2. Collective Goals Analyzed | Kaarlo Miller and Raimo Tuomela
3. Group Belief and Acceptance | Frederick F. Schmitt
4. Against Group Cognitive States | Robert D. Rupert
5. The Ontology of Collective Action | Kirk Ludwig
Part II: Collective Rationality
6. Indispensability, the discursive dilemma, and groups with minds of their own | Abe Roth
7. Do Groups Have Scientific Knowledge? | Melinda Bonnie Fagan
8. Collective Rationality’s Roots | Paul Weirich
9. Structural Rationality and Collective Intentions | Julian Nida-Rümelin

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